SBC History

Second Baptist Church of Everett, WA

1901—2023 History

     In 1901, the black residents of Everett, who were followers of the Baptist faith, expressed the need to organize and construct a church of their own.  Mr. and Mrs. Luten Sullivan and Mrs. Nellie Donaldson were among the initial organizers of this project.  They along with other interested persons formed a congregation and built a church on Rainier Street.  There the church remained until 1922 when land was purchased, and a new and more spacious commodious structure was erected on the corner of California and Virginia Avenue.

     The first pastor of the church was the late Rev. S. W. Wilson.  He served from 1901 to 1906.  The church had a membership of twenty-five, with Sunday School of larger proportion, Trustee Board, B.Y.P.U. Brotherhood and several other auxiliaries.

      In 1903 the Second Baptist Church was incorporated with seven members present.  Among the participants were Rev. and Mrs. S.G. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Solomon and Mrs. Mary Rogers, all of whom served this church faithfully until their deaths.

     During the early years 1906 to 1959, eighteen were called to serve faithfully in this church.  In 1921 to 1930, Rev. J.L. Murray was called to Second Baptist for a second time.  Under his leadership lots were purchased to move the church to its present location.  The membership was not very large, but faithful and determined to complete this project.

     In 1960 to 1969, Rev. Leon C. Jones was called to Second Baptist Church.  Assisted by his wife and daughter, he worked diligently, giving his time, talent, and resources.  Under his leadership, a building fund was started and plans were made to build a new church.  After months of hard work and determination by the pastor, officers and members, a “Ground Breaking Ceremony” was held on July 24, 1966 at 3:30pm. 


     It was officially declared that “The Church With a Vision and A Program” was now under construction. 

     On December 11, 1966 at 11:00 a.m. the first church service was held in the new church.  It was a time of rejoicing, but not for resting.  A dedication service was planned and held on January 8, 1967.  From that time on the church grew and prospered.

     In 1969, Rev. Leon C. Jones resigned, and Rev. Robert E. Lindsay was called.  He served until 1971, doing all he could to encourage the church to continue to move forward.  During this pastorate the Senior Choir was organized.

     In June 1971, Rev. Matthew McSwain was called. Under his leadership, the membership increased to well over a hundred, new church furniture was purchased and there was a reorganization of the auxiliaries of the church.  After twenty years of service, he resigned in April 1991.

     In September 1991, Rev. Charlie Jackson was called and preached his first sermon as the official pastor of Second Baptist, on the first Sunday in October 1991. The increase in membership, improvements in the organization of the church services, purchase of another building and transportation, building renovation, is evidence that under his leadership the church has continued to prosper.  Rev. Charlie Jackson retired in June 2021 after 30 years of service..

     Rev. Hiller Payne was called and became Pastor of Second Baptist.  He preached his first sermon as pastor in May 2022, and the installation was held on July 10, 2022.  He and his wife Min. Georgia joined the Second Baptist Church family in 2009 and has served faithfully in numerous positions including serving as Associate Minister, Sunday School Superintendent, Trustee Committee member, Men’s Ministry, Helping Hands Mission Ministry, the Nursing Home Ministry Director, and in other community outreach ministries and fund raising projects.

     We have been blessed with the following ministries: Senior Mission,  Sunday School, Deacon and Deaconess, Trustees, Youth and Adult Usher, Youth and Sanctuary Choirs, Widows and Widowers, Security in Christ, Nursing Guild, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, Hospitality, Media, Sound Room, Newsletter, Kitchen,  Hurst/Morton/Maag Scholarship Ministry, the Youth Zone, External Social Media, and the Young Adult Mentor Program.

    We have indeed continued to be a friendly church with a vision…

“for the vision is yet for an appointed time, But at the end it shall speak, and not lie” ….Habakkuk 2:3


     This history is by no means complete because time will not allow us to tell you of the hardships, dissension and disappointments experienced over the past 122 years. As a church, we have experienced prosperity, joys and sorrows and we thank God for the struggle.